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Digital Impact Lending 

Digital Impact Lending Strategy

Strategy Objective

To contribute to and support quality SMEs in the Asia region by providing financing solutions based on data but not on size, and realize a stable investment return.

Strategy Characteristics

The strategy places focus on the below points.

Digital Platforms

Address gaps in financing demand and actively sourcing investment opportunities through digital lending platforms and marketplaces.

Hghly Diversified

With data-driven technology, the strategy enjoys stable returns from a highly diversified portfolio in size, structure, industry, country, etc.

Data Driven

Utilize big data analysis for making investment decisions such as trade, settlement, and sales data. It enables the strategy to respond to the market environment as it changes.


The strategy focuses on SMEs in Asia, where the factory of the world, and yet many underbanked corporates. Quality companies but not big enough to be covered by traditional banks

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