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The dLab Asset Management leadership team consists of highly knowledgeable members with over 70 years of combined experience in the finance industry. Our diverse background in other subject matters and reliable partners enable our creative approach.

Our Leadersip

Our Leadership

Mamoru Taniya

Mamoru Tanyia 谷家 衛

Mamoru Taniya

Mamoru Taniya is currently actively involved in supporting start-ups and planning of NGO/NPO leveraging his 30 years of experience in the finance industry and over 20 years of angel investing. Previous experience includes leading the Japan and Asia investment department as the youngest managing director in Asia at Salomon Brothers. Following this, he has founded Asuka Asset Management which deals with innovative alternative financial products as well as Mercuria Investment Co. through a joint venture with the Development Bank of Japan.

Through his all-inclusive approach to founding businesses, he has founded a wide range of companies including the first online life insurance platform in Japan Lifenet Insurance Company, first investment robo-advisor in Japan Money Design Co., Studio Yoggy, and RECIKA within the blockchain space.

Serving a variety of roles including the Chairman of the crowdfunding platform CAMPFIRE, remote diagnosing service MNES Inc., and Discover Japan magazine. Founder and representative of the first international boarding school in Japan UWCISAK. Vice Chairman of the Human Rights Watch Tokyo Committee. Director at Asia Pacific Initiative, Endeavor Japan, and International House of Japan. Graduate of University of Tokyo Faculty of Law.

Hiro Takaku Hirofumi Takaku 高久宗史 髙久宗史

Hiro Takaku
Chief Executive Officer

Hiro Takaku has uniquely combined more than two decades of extensive experience in global investment banking and technology startups.
Together with other founding members, he started V-cube, Inc. in 1998, which is currently listed at Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section (Ticker 3681) and Mr Takaku launched a variety of tech-related businesses by serving as Chief Technology Officer until 2003 when he joined UBS in Japan.
At UBS, Mr Takaku took a number of managerial roles in Tokyo, London and Hong Kong. His strength to develop business and team led him to become the fastest Managing Director promotee at the time responsible for structured products division, and then served as head of Equities in Japan, head of Structured Solutions for Asia Pacific, as well as a member of several management committees. He is also an active promoter for volunteering projects and gender equality programs, involved Great East Japan Earthquake project and Diversity and Inclusion Council for the region.
He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Keio University.

Hiroyoshi Sandaya

Hiroyoshi Sandaya 三田谷 浩義

Hiroyoshi Sandaya
Chief Investment Officer

Hiroyoshi Sandaya has been involved in financial markets for 20 years and has theoretical and practical experience as a strategist and a trader.
In his second year at Goldman Sachs in Tokyo, he built Japan's first mortgage prepayment model and was responsible for quantitative analysis of the fixed income and foreign exchange markets as Head of Financial Strategy. He was the brains behind the firm's most profitable trading team at the time, and in 2011 he became the fastest strategist to be promoted to Managing Director prior to moving to Hong Kong in 2014 to head up the Pan-Asian market strategy team. He developed a proprietary quantitative model to predict central bank foreign exchange interventions, with a prediction accuracy rate of over 90%, and in 2017 he moved to trading desk, specializing in interest rate derivatives as well as algorithmic strategies to exploit market distortions. His previous role was at Millennium, a large US-based macro hedge fund, where he was a portfolio manager of global macro. He holds a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Kyoto University.

Takashi Miura2.png

Takashi Miura
Senior Credit Strategist

Takashi Miura has been involved in financial markets for almost 40 years, disseminating market information as a credit analyst, providing investment advice for client portfolios and advising on product structuring at several bulge-bracket investment banks.

In 1984, he joined Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (now Mizuho Bank). He then transferred to NIS (now R&I) in 1996, where he was involved in rating corporate bonds and securitisation products. As a member of the Rating Committee, he was also involved in the rating decision-making process. In 2000, he joined Goldman Sachs in Tokyo, where he worked as a credit analyst. After the transition to Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities in 2012 then Credit Suisse Securities in 2014, he worked as an equity analyst, covering Japanese bank stocks and providing investment advice to global investors. In 2018, he joined to a patent firm to provide investment information from an IP perspective. He now works as a portfolio strategist for an independent IFA, analysing and proposing financial products for high-net-worth individuals.
He graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law.

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