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Asia ESG Investment 

Digital Impact Lending Strategy

The strategy managed by a team that combines world-leading finance professionals and global SDG thought leaders and practitioners.

The first of its kind

Partnering with the first full-service sustainable investment firm in Japan, SDG Impact Japan, and one of the pioneers for value up strategy in the Japanese equity market, Asuka Corporate Advisory, we have launched Asia’s next-generation ESG investment strategy for public equities. This is the first strategy in Asia to adhere to Article 9, the EU’s new leading standard for sustainable investment, and will be the new benchmark for green investing.

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Stock selection based on a rigorous model

The strategy is powered by the award-winning Rubicon ESG investment engine, an approach that has consistently produced outsized returns. We implement a proprietary climate temperature change trajectory analysis for each company, projecting the future impact the company will have on the environment.

The investment process is bottom-up and engagement-centric. Individual KPIs linked to sustainability and business performance are set, and focus on companies with the most potential for sustainability improvement and financial returns.

Sustainable Investing That Connects the World to Japan

NextGen ESG Japan Strategy

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