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dLab Asset Management Hong Kong
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Technology Driven

As one of the most cutting-edge technology savvy investment managers in the Asia Pacific, we develop and offer innovative financial products.  We leverage technologies such as deep learning, big data, and blockchain aiming to provide superior financial solutions to investors, investees, and business partners.

Forklift Delivery

Asia Pacific's Growth

Some 80 to 90 per cent of world trade relies on trade finance (trade credit and insurance/guarantees), mostly of a short-term nature.

- World Trade Organization

The trade finance gap grows at nearly double-digit rates every year, and SME finance gap is estimated to be USD 5 trillion.  We provide one of the solutions other than traditional finance. We provide It is possible by employing innovative technology.

Our Strategy

Revolutionizing Risk Management

dLab Asset Management aims to support Asia Pacific's SME growth by implementing digital platforms to increase transparency in international trade operations and offering an alternative financing option to reach those who slip through the traditional system.

This enables a robust system and reduces the risk for all stakeholders, producing a consistent return performance.

Our Strategy

Digital Impact

Lending Strategy

Mainly focused on investments in SME trade financing in the Asian region, this strategy aims for a consistent and stable return as well as growth by adding value to a more efficient supply chain. 

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