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Investment Approach and Guidelines

Investment Approach

Our investment follows this approach in investing and monitor the portfolio to effectively manage risk.

investment approach

1. Analysis and Sourcing

- Due diligence of the Platform

- Analysis of market trends with qualitative and quantitative analysis

- Utilizing a broad network to source

- Recording data and leverage of past data

3. Monitoring

- Holding monthly investment committee meetings and consciously adjust guidelines

- Monitoring of portfolio value and cash flow

- Analysis and reporting of significant events

2. Decision

- Make quick and accurate decisions based on the investment approach

- Flexible and live investment management based on market trends and analysis

4. Investing

- Utilize multiple digital platforms

- Ensuring adherence to guideline for each transition and overall portfolio

- Sharing of information with administrator for smooth operation

Model Portfolio

A portfolio of 5 mil USD will require and consider the points below.

- The type of commodities will be diversified within the portfolio. 

- Each country's trade financing regulations and practices will vary and requires expert input.

- Financing transactions will have a risk mitigation approach utilizing collaterals payment guarantee.

- The lifecycle of each financing transaction will be completed in a relatively short timeframe of 1~6 months.

model port
portfolio example

Investment Guidelines

Area of Investments

- Trade financing of SMEs in Asian Region. Exposure to African regions will be avoided.

- The asset's (trade finance) investment period shall be less than 1 year.


- Portfolio weighting of 1 position at the time of investment shall not exceed 10% of NAV for over 6 months.

- Assets with investment period over 6 months shall not be over 40% of the NAV of the portfolio weighting at the time of investment.

- Leverage: Up to 150% of NAV. Currently able to borrow within 50% NAV but there is no plan to utilize leverage in the near future currently.

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